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The incredible music school of Nevsehir

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We got to know Kemal in Göreme, and he organises a visit to a musical and cultural center in Nevsehir. When we arrived there, a group of musical teachers is already awaiting us: They show us typical instruments of the region: the kanun, a string instrument with 78 (!) strings, which originates from the Arab region. We also discovered the bendir, an instrument typically played by woman, which is a large drum with bells on (check out Murat Coskun on your favourite webplayer to see how to play this fabulous instrument). Also Saz and violin are present. The four young men give music classes in their instruments at the „Bellediyesi Kapadokiya Kültür ve Sanat Merkezi“ – and the lessons are for free! Of course, the classes are full. We start to understand why we meet so many great musicians in this region! One of the songs they played, origins from the region and is called Ürgüp, after a cave city just a few kilometers away. When we are thanking the music teachers for their time and sharing, we get the reply: „No, we have to thank you, that you came so far to listen to our traditional music!“ We are amazed by the friendliness and openness of these people. On our way back to Göreme, Kemal does not stop talking about how amazing it is to get to know like this the musical heritage of his region.


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