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Opening of the cultural center of Kayseri

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Kayseri. Many people told us, that this city is as conservative as its economy is booming. No alcohol is served in the restaurants here and woman would not wear dresses like in Istanbul or Ankara. And indeed, when we enter the city with the bus, this place is quite a contrast to Göreme. The moustaches of the men in business suits are catching our eyes. In Turkey for many people wearing a moustache is more than a fashion or personal style, see http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2013/10/turkish-mustache-returns.html#.

We show the paper with the directions to a man in the bus, and he is as friendly to accompany us to the heart of the old town. Suddenly we find ourselves on a huge otoman square, full of more „biznizmen“ and dressed-up people. Some look strangely at our backpacks but soon we get into a nice talk with some people who speak english and explain us what is happening here: The turkish vice-president re-opening an old osman building complex, which now hosts a music school, a ceramics and wood workshop and a restaurant. Yes, its 2 weeks before the elections in Turkey – and high phase of the elections campaign. The guys from the music school is the ones we are searching for – and the ones you can hear here. It is a recording of Fikret and Izmet with violin and guitar, singing and playing while in the background the workers dismount the stage in the background. Its a mild summer evening and we enjoy this spontaneous concert with a few friends of them. Its only 9 in the evening, but everyone else has gone home.


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