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Night-train melodies

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Our journey towards Georgia starts with the nighttrain to Budapest from Dresden. And yes, this is also the place where we make our first recording: like a sign for the weeks that are going to come the guy, with whom we share the train compartment, has a huge suitcase, black, and he looks like.. someone playing music 😉 His name is Hans and he indeed has an instrument with him: a huge Alto Horn! In his home in Thuringia he has a band („Die Blechblasbanditen“) and despite that he doesn´t like to play in early mornings, before his first coffee, we can convince him to play us a few songs when we are about to enter Budapest. We arrive into the city with the sounds of „Jovano, Jovanke“ and „Mesecina“, some very famous Balkan Brass songs. The Tenor Horn is VERY loud, much louder than the „tsch-tsch. Tsch-tsch.“ of the train, so the whole coach can listen to it. This trip is starting off really well…. and just rightly preparing us for Romania, home of many famous Balkan Brass Bands!


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