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Kitchen songs in Kars

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Kars. It is the last station of the Anadolu Ekspres, which connects Istanbul with Anatolia in a 2 days train ride. The city got famous through the book „Snow“ by the literature nobel-prize winner Orhan Pamuk. Its a place with changeful history in the border region between Russia, Iran, Armenia, Georgia and Turkey with a multicultural population: curds, armenians, greeks, russians, turks and many other minorities. The border to Armenia is close – but closed since 23 years. Kars must have once been a flourishing city with a strong local economy, but today not so much of it remains.
In Kars we stay at friends of a friend from the kurdish community. We are in the most north-eastern city of Turkey and there was snow here until a few weeks ago – Kars is on nearly 1800 metres above sea level, on a huge plateau. Here a few recordings of Semi, who studies at the musical conservatorium, playing some short songs for us with the violin and Bağlama in his kitchen. The Bağlama is the most common instrument from the Saz-family in Turkey. Here Semi plays a song by the famous armenian-kurdish composer Aram Tigran, who died in 2009.


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