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At night fall, Klapa sings in Motovun

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If many people visit Istria for its coast, the land hide also many treasures… and one of them is the old castle-Burg of Motovun: up high the hill, Motovun rise above all landscape, surrounded by vineyard and forest. Walking up the main street leads to the old place of the village, with its church. There, trains two time per week, at the fall of the night, a Klapa group: Klapa Motovun.

A Klapa is traditionally a group of men singing a cappela. It funds its roots from the Gregorian chant, and is a style developed in Dalmatia. Originally, people learned at church to sing in polyphony and -back home- with friends and wine, they would just start singing popular song using the same principle of singing. The traditional structure of a Klapa a first tenor, a second tenor, a baritone, and a bass. It is possible to double all the voices apart from the first tenor. It plays a lot with the alternance of pianissimo – fortissimo. The klapa mainly spread out of Dalmatia 40 years ago and since then regained popularity. Klapa group can nowadays also be mixt gendered, or only composed of women. Modern klapa singing is occasionally accompanied by guitars or, in the case of Klapa Motovun, by a piano. Polyphonic singing of Corsica and Klapa singing are strongly related.

Klapa Motovun is a band of 9 locals, singing together since 13 years in occasions like festivals, concert or weddings. But the quality of their music also brought them to play in Mexico or in London . We met them by hazard as they were ending their rehearsal, but they generously accepted for the sound map project to share with us (and you) two songs : one traditional, and another song illustrating the ongoing tradition of playing popular songs in Klapa style.

The first tune is called “projden kroz pasike” and means “i’m passing through Pasike” (a little street in Dalmatia). This song is about meeting with friends in this street and having fun.

Projden kroz Pasike,
sa družbon veselon.

Ozgar me posipje,
murtilon zelenon.

Murtilon zelenon,
moje milo zlato.

The second tune is called “projdi vilo”. It is a love song said to be very meaningfull, a pop music tranformed into klapa style , originally from Gibonni (you can find the video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWoiIUggRGI). Here is the text and its translation:

Projdi vilo mojin verson
Niz kadene od sarca mog
Niz kadene od sarca mog

Jubav išće tilo jako
Nosin brime od žeje moje
Nosin brime od žeje moje

Ajd projdi vilo
Ajd svojim tilom
Vazmi sime od žeje moje

Ti zanesi dite moje
Moje ime od karvi moje
Moje ime od karvi moje
Tu kadenu od sarca mog

Pass fairy
Pass fairy, over my verse
Down the necklaces of my heart
Down the necklaces of my heart

Love needs a strong body
I carry a burden of my desire
I carry a burden of my desire

Come on, pass fairy
Come on, with your body
Take the seed of my desire

You conceive my baby
With my name, of my blood
With my name, of my blood
That necklace of my heart

Thanks again to Klapa Motovun for their time and explanations. You can find more about them on their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Klapa-Motovun-252834974745597/?fref=ts


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