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Army’s calling Celebrations in Turkey

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On one of the bus stations of Istanbul, around midnight when we are about to leave the city towards Cappadoccia, we bump into a group of people wildly dancing on the parking grounds, in between the busses. Next to them three people playing a big drum and a flute-like instrument. The security guards of the bus station soon pushes them away, but when we sit in the bus we hear them again, this time playing just behind the bus and another group of young men dancing around it. The music is very loud and invites to dance, people are laughing and seem really happy. When asking, we find out, what this is for: a ritual of some turkish families, when they send their son to the army. Interesting, as Army service is not voluntary, but an obligation in Turkey and there is no alternative civilian service. But no, its about celebrating the proudness of sending your child to sacrifice for your nation… it gives us much food to think about in these times!


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