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An instrument passed on since 3 generations

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Fuat and Görkem are father and son and both as kind people as they are culturally active in the city of Kayseri: in the music school, the chess club and in an NGO who facilitates EU-exchange projects. They take us to their home and share a very special instrument with us: the Oud. The european lute is a descendant from the traditional Oud, which is at least 5000 years old.

Its a family tradition – the Oud that Görkem is playing was already played by his grandfather. Its made of mulberry tree, a wood which is used especially in Turkey and the persian-speaking area to build high quality instruments. Both of their Ouds have beautiful ornaments and rosettes. Here Görkem plays a classical love song from the ottoman times, which used to be played in the palaces. This classical turkish music does not use as many half tones as the ones we have heard before, e.g. in Göreme and Nevsehir. This song here is a nostalgic song about the time of being a child and how this will not come back again. In other songs Fuat and Görkem play together on two Ouds.
We experience again, that the people that share a song with us, come into the passion of playing once they played the first one, and usually the evening ends in a private concert for us. This time we have to leave after two hours because of our train. The Anadolu Ekspres, which leaves Kayseri at 1 a.m. will bring us in 15 hours to the most eastern city of Turkey: Kars.


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