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An accidental encounter of the Panduri in Akhalzikhe

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We crossed the border to Georgia. Even though no one could tell us really how we would do that – as there is no direct bus from Kars to Georgia via the closest border point – we manage, by foot, bus, taxi and hitchhiking. We end up hungry in the early afternoon in a small restaurant in Akhalsikhe, the first town after the border. And as its the spell of our trip, some minutes later three girls enter with backpacks and an instrument lurking out of one. The sit down next to us in a small, half separate room and, waiting for the food to be served, they are starting to play! Happily they don´t say no when we ask, if we can record them. The instrument they play on is called Panduri, a traditional georgian string instrument we shall meet soon again. It became very popular in Georgia in the last years and is played by many young people. Similar to a guitar, but much smaller, its sound reminds us of an Ukulele. We are also amazed by the power of the voices of the Lola, Mari and Vanda, and also this we will meet again later in Georgia. It seems to be the way Georgians sing, very strong and loud! Due to some language problems we can only find out, that river, flower, woman and love are the keywords of this songs :)


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